These 3 Mistakes Can Ruin the Paintballing Fun for You


If you have a day planned to paintball with your friends or your team at the office, it is important that you prepare for the day in advance. While you will be provided with all the gear and equipment you need at the centre, you do have to take care of other things that can ruin the fun for you. Here are the 3 mistakes you must avoid otherwise you are not going to have a great time.

Be a Team Player

That’s exactly what you are required to do in just about every game in the world. When you play paintball, you have to be a team player because in several games, you will be a part of a team. Listen to your leader rather than complaining about why you were not made the leader. Have fun!

Choose Paintball Centre Wisely

There are many paintball centres you can find in your area. However, not all of them will give you the thrill and experience you deserve. Things like the lack of protective gear or a small playing field can ruin it all for you. Pick a venue where you have plenty of room to run and chase. Also, you should be given the protective gear, markers, and much more without additional costs. You might want to check out Velocity Paintball if you are looking for a paintball centre.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

It’s a game, not a war, and you have to keep it that way. Don’t try to sort out personal grudges behind the excuse of playing the game. It’s not just you who has come to have some fun. There are many other people who are trying to have a great time, so be a great partner to them.

Don’t avoid the game just because you are shy. You are surely going to make some great new friends through paintballing.