Can Platelet-Rich Plasma be a Secret to Young-Looking Skin 


The concept of Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP has taken the world by storm. The seemingly revolutionary therapy has received so much attention from the youth and individuals entering their 40s.

Many people know the therapy as a vampire facelift. Platelet-rich Plasma is a 3-step procedure and involves using the patient’s blood. Despite the hype, some experts still want to determine if it works to get the desired results for skincare.

Many successful examples of PRP injections for white and young-looking skin have made people think as if it is something out of a science-fiction movie. Some most frequent findings that Platelet-rich plasma therapy can help with include reducing wrinkles, improving sagging skin, eliminating deep creases, enhancing skin complexion, and minimizing acne scars.


All those skin benefits have led to high demand for PRP procedure that does not have significant shreds of evidence to back them up. The Food & Drug Administration or FDA categorizes the PRP procedure as a medical tool or device because it employs a centrifuge and some needles. Remember, medical devices are not more demanding rules.

It also raises many questions, such as why dermatologists cannot guarantee a young-looking skin for all patients. How much PRP is ideal for injecting the patient at one time? They also do not know the number of PRP treatments you need to obtain the desired results.

Although dermatologists do not have answers to many PRP-related questions, they guarantee the procedure is safe. You may feel a little bit of discomfort, pain, inflammation, and bruising afterward, but these symptoms tend to go away within a couple of days.

The way the dermatologist handles your blood may associate risks. It is imperative to keep the blood taken from your body sterilized. Or else it could cause you an infection.